Why AltFi is the future of finance?

April 19, 2016 By admin

Alternative finance (‘AltFi’) is a booming sector – but recent research suggests businesses’ lack of AltFi awareness costs the UK economy £20bn. Tim Evans, Brand and Strategy Director of one of the leading lenders – Verus360 shared with BFS his viewpoint on the role of AltFi in UK...

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The best things to happen in the funding landscape in 2015

April 19, 2016 By admin

The inaugural Business Funding Show was set up with the goal to educate attendees on the many advancements made in small business and start-financing. There have been a multitude of small ...

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Exclusive Interview with an inspirational woman and top pitching expert: Chelsey Baker

February 17, 2016 By admin

Tell us a little about your entrepreneurial journey and how it started  I started out trading the Stock Market which gave me the freedom to work when I wanted and taught me huge lessons in the psychology of trading and the extreme highs and lows that go with it! I launched my own TV channel ...

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Exclusive interview with Bill Morrow, founder of Angels Den and the most powerful figure in alternative finance

February 16, 2016 By admin

Exclusive interview with Bill Morrow, founder of Angels Den.  We had a great chance to get answers to the most emerging questions around funding from Bill Morrow who was named by City AM the most powerful figure in alternative finance. What advice would you give to somebody thinkin...

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Why is it important to check your business credit profile before you apply for funding?

February 11, 2016 By admin

UK’s No1 credit monitoring service, Experian shared to BFS why it is important to check your business credit profile before you apply for funding. It’s simple…because your potential lenders could be looking at this information when reviewing your application. Checking your business credit...

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Everline makes lending decisions in 10 minutes, why can’t banks?

January 31, 2016 By admin

Exclusive interview with Russell Gould (COO of Everline) Everline makes lending decisions in 10 minutes yet banks remain the dominant SME lender in the UK. If you can make a decision in 10...

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FundingKnight: Finance beyond the banks

January 13, 2016 By admin

According to one survey, over a quarter of those whose loan applications were turned down by banks were given no reason for the rejection. Company owners may be left wondering what the problem was: was there a problem with the way the application was put together, or is the company’s performance ...

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Funding predictions for 2016 and beyond

January 4, 2016 By admin

At the Business Funding Show on 2nd – 3rd February we will be connecting 100 exhibitors in the UK funding space from areas as diverse as grant and angel investment, to alternative loan financing, factoring and peer to peer to lending, with over 800 micro and Small and Medium Enterprise owners. ...

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You’ve got investment, now what?

December 17, 2015 By admin

2014’s Apprentice winner,Mark Wright, provides top tips to this year’s winner for managing that all-important initial investment. 1 – Prioritise £250,000 may seem like a massive investment, but it quickly goes and if you don’t spend it wisely you may be on route to failure before you have ...

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Six Fintech businesses shaping the lending scene for SMEs

December 10, 2015 By admin

FinTech is an industry that has come along way in recent years. It’s prospects show no sign of abating in 2016 either. This is an exciting time for the UK SMEs who have, until recently, had...

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